Saturday, January 10, 2015

New Year...New You! #noexcuses

It's a new year, and I'm no different from most.  It's always good for me to have a little added challenge to give my year a jump start.  I had a blast sweating it up with Sweat Pink over the holiday season, so now I'm taking part in the #NoExcuses Challenge.  

Sweat Pink says "just because the holidays are OVER doesn’t mean the fun has to stop. Soooo, let’s keep the the motivation, inspiration, social sharing fun going and going and going."

The cost is only $5 and here's what you get:

  • Each Sunday you'll get an email with weekly prompts (workouts, healthy snack ideas and more)
    • They ask that you share your answer or interpretation of those prompts daily via Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, your blog, etc using #NoExcuses #SweatPink for a chance to win fun weekly prizes from brands like Augusta Active, ShowerPill, ActivMotion Bar, WIN Detergent, Beaming with Health….etc etc…
    • The workouts will be things like drop down and give us 10 push-ups or burpees or even get out and run (or walk) a mile!
  • Each day, we’ll all share what we’re doing and how we’re doing it on our social channels and help each other stay accountable, motivated and on top of our goals.
  • Every Friday, they’ll send around an email with winners, prizes and our favorite Tweets, IG posts and blog posts from the week (hello, link love and social sharing!)

Weekly prompts:
  • Fridays are ALWAYS #FreeFridays. You can share whatever you want. Yup, that’s right. Anything you want.
  • Sundays are ALWAYS #ZendaySunday. Share how you relax, chill out, a yoga pose or even a way you are achieving more balance in 2015.

There’s really only one rule. Share, share, share...but if you are really rule abiding, here are some rule suggestions for you:

  1. Share about #SweatPink #NoExcuses as frequently as possible throughout the challenge
  2. Share everywhere - Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, your blog, Facebook, etc. The more you share, the more likely you are to win awesome prizes
  3. Use the #sweatpink #noexcuses hashtags to get credit. And if you use the other fun hashtags above, that’s awesome too.
  4. Any variation means any variation. If you can’t do a push-up, show us what 10 push-ups means to you. We’ll take it as long as you’re MOVING and giving it your best.
  5. If you need to swap one day for another, do it...OR here’s a pro tip: say you can’t walk or run a mile one day but you can do it another day, take a photo to represent that activity and save it for the day you want to use it. Nobody will ever know (except for you!). ;)

I signed up and I'd love it if you would join me! You can do it below:

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