Saturday, April 26, 2014


Since becoming an Ambassador for Train Dirty Fitness, I have been taking part in something called Pink Wednesday.  Crystal from Train Dirty Fitness started Pink Wednesday as something fun that everyone could participate in regardless of age, race, weight, financial status or looks.  It was a way for everyone to feel included and part of the "in crowd".  It is something that I've very much enjoyed and I'm seeing more and more people participate.

Recently, we found out that there was a little girl out there (actually the daughter of my TDF team leader) who had been watching her mom participate in this Pink Wednesday thing and decided to start one of her own at her school.  Each week, she and her friends have been wearing pink each Wednesday for all the girls who don't have a place to belong or fit it.  These kids are taking a stand to show that everyone is #goodenough and Wednesdays they wear pink to prove that everyone belongs.

Below is Reagan's story.  I wanted to honor her on my blog because this little girl proves that ONE person can make a difference...and for her school in Kentucky...SHE was that one person.  

"Back in November, when Mama started doing #pinkwednesday, I did it with her some weeks.  One Friday night, we watched Mean Girls.  I didn't like the way The Plastics treated everyone.  I told Mama that nice girls wear pink too.  The next week, I went to school and told my friends about #pinkwednesday and that we should do it too.

I think #pinkwednesday is a day when girls unite, build friendships, and wear PINK!"  ~Reagan